Bed Bugs

Do you have questions about bed bugs? Antipest Pest Control Services has all of the answers! We can tell you everything you need to know about bed bugs, including what they look like, what they do, and where they hide. Antipest Pest Control professionals can identify any insects that you find in your home that you may suspect to be bed bugs. If you do have bed bugs, Antipest Pest Control can eliminate your infestation problem by using the proper tools and chemicals while keeping your home, health, and belongings safe.

Bed Bugs FAQ

What do bed bugs look like?
Bed bugs are very small but can cause a great deal of irritation. They are wingless reddish-brown colored insects and are only 4 to 5 mm long, about the size of an apple seed. After they have fed on human blood, they become more red than usual and their bodies will swell. Due to their small size they are able to burrow into just about anything and anywhere they like, which makes it hard for humans to prevent coming into contact with them.
What do bed bugs actually do?
Bed bugs survive off of warm blooded animal and human blood. They are in constant search of a host to feed on. They burrow into any place they can and then come out, primarily at night, and feed on the host by piercing the skin and withdrawing blood through an elongated beak. Once a bed bug starts to feed, it will usually continue for 5 to 10 minutes.
Where do bed bugs hide?
Bed Bugs stay hidden during the daytime, hiding in different places such as mattresses, box springs, behind electrical outlets, and even behind wallpaper. These bugs can hop from place to place and from person to person very easily through travel, in luggage, on clothing, in bedding and even furniture. These bugs love warm weather and as a result their numbers are more likely to increase when temperatures rise.
How do I know for sure that I have bed bugs?
It can be difficult to determine if the problem you have is due to bed bugs or some other insect. Even if you have been bitten, it can be too difficult to determine what caused the bites just by looking at them. However, sometimes bed bug bites are easier to identify because they may be in clusters or lined in a row on your skin, mostly on the chest, arm or leg areas. Bed bug bites are incredibly irritating and can cause a person to lose sleep and could cause skin disfiguration from being bitten numerous times. Bed bug bites should be medically treated to protect against infection and steps should be taken to have the bug problem exterminated. If you are still not sure if you are dealing with bed bugs, it is best to collect them and have them identified by a pest control professional.
Can I exterminate bed bugs on my own?
You can attempt to exterminate bed bugs on your own, however, it is best to leave this process up to a professional pest control company. Some people take on this task on their own by using insecticides to exterminate the bugs. However, this process can be very harmful to your health. It is important to use products that can be used safely in the infested areas and chemicals should always be handled with the utmost caution. Due to the danger these chemicals can pose to humans and pets, it is best to leave it to a professional. Antipest Pest Control knows exactly where to find bed bugs and they will use the proper tools and chemicals to eliminate the infestation problem while keeping your home, health and belongings safe.

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